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West Bridgewater Police Department is committed to our community.  We believe in being present and available to our citizens at all times, and pride ourselves on being a big part of our schools and community events.

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Twenty four hours a day… Seven days a week.  West Bridgewater Police Department works to keep our community safe.

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We pride ourselves on keeping our citizens informed and engaged with current information, alerts, safety notices and events.  Check below for important news in our area.

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As you can see, Sergeant Werner exemplifies our open-door policy...He recently moved to another office with no door. Another officer took notice of this, and decided to step up and provide Sergeant Werner with these beautiful purple beaded curtains, which were a big hit around the station. Some residents may have seen them while meeting with Sgt. Werner for their LTC appointments the other night. If any one of our residents had complimented Sgt. Werner on his new decor, he would've been allowed to keep them up, but sadly, nothing was said, only a few strange glances. Sorry, Sgt. Werner, the curtains must come down.

In all seriousness, we welcome our residents anytime and truly do have an open-door policy....
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The enforcement has started and we are already busy! Put the phones down when driving! ... See MoreSee Less

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We have educated the public on the dangers of distracted driving countless times. Unfortunately, it seems many are still not listening.


Enforcement is coming.... be ready. Put down the phones.
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In the Community

We’re committed to our community.  Stay connected with us.

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Whether it’s a Stop Texting & Driving initiative or delivering Safety Support in our schools, West Bridgewater PD is ready with new ways to bring safety across town and to your family.

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