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West Bridgewater Police Department is committed to our community.  We believe in being present and available to our citizens at all times, and pride ourselves on being a big part of our schools and community events.

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Twenty four hours a day… Seven days a week.  West Bridgewater Police Department works to keep our community safe.

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We pride ourselves on keeping our citizens informed and engaged with current information, alerts, safety notices and events.  Check below for important news in our area.

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BACKGROUND: I graduated from West Bridgewater High School, I was previously a financial consultant before becoming a police officer. I hold a bachelors degree in finance from Suffolk University.

HOBBIES: I enjoy football, basketball, and baseball. I've coached AAU basketball for the past 6 years.

HARDEST PART OF YOUR JOB?: The hardest thing about being a police officer for me is getting used to the shift hours and realizing there is still much to learn about the profession.

BEST PART OF YOUR JOB?: The best thing about being a police officer is that every day is different. Some shifts you get dispatched from call to call while other shifts you get to be on your own and find things going on in the town.

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO BECOME A POLICE OFFICER?: I feel like my path to become a police officer wasn't necessarily traditional. I came from previous jobs where I would be on the phone or on the computer all day number crunching. As a police officer, I'm up close and personal helping someone directly or helping the public by getting a criminal off of the street. My day is what I make of it, if a supervisor doesn't give me a special job or task to complete then my shift is up to me to patrol as I see fit. I can go out and enforce traffic, investigate or follow up on different crimes that have happened within the town, or get dispatched to random type of calls. So far being a Police Officer has been great and I look forward to learning more as I go.
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Assisting our neighboring community: You can't hide from Tazer

Officer Flaherty and Tazer were called to assist Easton PD with locating an individual wanted for Assault & Battery with a dangerous weapon. Officer Flaherty and Tazer quickly started tracking the suspect and located him several hundred yards away hiding behind a nearby home. Great job!!!
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Message from the Chief: Our Department

I think it's important to have our community know their police officers. In the near future, we will be highlighting an officer monthly. This introduction will show a photograph of our officers and a short bio of their career. My hope is by showing this side of our staff, our residents will feel more comfortable approaching our officers. I observed firsthand the benefit of having this relationship during our Citizens Police Academy.

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We’re committed to our community.  Stay connected with us.

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Whether it’s a Stop Texting & Driving initiative or delivering Safety Support in our schools, West Bridgewater PD is ready with new ways to bring safety across town and to your family.

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