Emergency# DIAL 9-1-1

Main # 508-586-2525
Fax 508-894-1295

Ext# Email
 Chief Victor Flaherty  5121 Email
 Lieutenant Timothy Nixon  5118 Email
 Sergeant Kenneth Bryant  5106 Email
 Sergeant Christopher Werner  5101 Email
 Sergeant Russell Regan  5114 Email
 Sergeant Michael Winkler  5111 Email
 Sergeant Jonathan Craven  5105 Email
 Executive Assistant to Chief
 Krystle Price  5108 Email
 Officer Michael Kominsky  5110  Email
 Officer Kenneth Thaxter  5107  Email
 Officer Richard Flaherty  5113  Email
 Officer Daniel Sullivan  5102  Email
 Officer Timothy Pope  5119  Email
 Officer Matthew Monteiro  5109  Email
 Officer Christopher Packard  5100  Email
 Officer Steven Golbranson  5117  Email
 Officer Mitchell Papineau  5112  Email
 Officer Gerard Julien-Suarez  5103  Email
 Officer Ryan Webby  5115  Email
 Officer Jared Percival  5104  Email
 Detective Division
 Detective Sean Devilly  5116  Email
 Detective Todd Cantalupo  5158  Email
 School Resource Officer
 Officer Kenneth Thaxter  5107  Email
 Evidence Officer
 Sergeant Jonathan Craven  5105  Email
 Keeper of Records
 Sergeant Christopher Werner  5101  Email
 K-9 Division
 Officer Richard Flaherty  5113  Email
 Canine Tazer
 Permanent Intermittent Officer
 Officer Richard Murphy
 Special Police Officers
 Officer Donald Clark
 Officer Bruce Holmquist
 Officer Robert Kominsky
 Officer Paul Meehan
 Officer Dean Hardy
 Sean Matthies
 Ezequiel Sanchez
 Christopher Huyghe