A message from the Chief

School Resource Officer Update


I wanted to update our community on our continued commitment to the safety of our children.  The Police Department along with our school partners has moved forward completing three major parts of our initial school safety plan.

Communication – It is imperative to have a reliable and professional communication system.  The police department developed a system to allow all schools to communicate on a reliable digital radio network. This radio system allows communication with individual schools, the entire district, our School Resource Officer or in an emergency the dispatch center at the police department.

Single point of access: – Having a single point of access to the schools especially during the start and close of the school day is designed so more staff can be positioned at only one location. This allows for increased observation and maximizes visibility creating “natural surveillance.” Natural surveillance is “crime prevention through environmental design”.

Visitor Identification – We must know who, why, and when any visitor is in our schools. We have adopted a program that documents all visitors and vendors but we are currently exploring other technology to enhance this crucial issue.


I applaud all of our parents for their assistance and adapting to the many changes.