“Our Kids”

We are fortunate to live in a community that works together. We all want our residents to feel safe and secure in their homes. Our children should feel safe and secure while at school. The West Bridgewater Police Department has partnered with our School Department in an effort to prevent school violence while making our school age children feel safe and secure. The police department, students, staff, and parents all have an important role in promoting school safety. Adults should reassure their children that our schools are a safe place. We must reassure them that safety measures are already in place.

Although I have confidence that the safety steps we have made up to this point have achieved our goal, we must always pay close attention and evaluate situations and tragedies that occur across the country. “We” can always do better. We must, at times, “think out of the box” as some additional safety measures can and should be made.

Tuesday morning, I am meeting with the Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Patty Oakley, and other town officials to discuss some ideas and thoughts. I just want to reassure you that your town officials are not relying solely on our past accomplishments and school safety record but continue to brain storm and create new safety measures and policies. Our children are in school to learn. It is my job, along with these partners, to make sure that they are safe.

And that’s what we will do….