As you all know, WBPD conducted an operation last night to enforce the Texting While Driving law. Although our posts in the days leading up to the operation had over 25,000 views, we still stopped 78 individuals, including 1 individual on a motorcycle (!) who were seen accessing their wireless devices while driving. Of these 78, 43 were released, 34 were cited with civil fines and 1 was issued a citation for criminal complaints. The pictures below were taken last night.

We conducted this enforcement at a peak traffic time on 106, a heavily traveled road, which is under construction in several areas & is also home to our town’s high school. The amount of people we witnessed looking at their phones instead of looking up was shocking. School begins in just a few short days and there will be children in crosswalks everywhere. This has to stop.

The West Bridgewater Police Department’s main goal for this enforcement was education. We received so much support from our residents and we are so grateful for that. During this operation, many people driving by honked their horns and gave officers the thumbs up and one vehicle even held up a homemade ‪#‎itcanwait‬ poster. The officers of this department hope during this campaign that we educated drivers and prevented tragedy from occurring. Your life is worth more than a post.

Photos provided by The Boston Globe.  See more photos on our WBPD Facebook page and remember, #itcanwait…